26 May 2009


Hurm...it such a wonderful day in my life. Because of what ?? Because i am now in SABAH. My beloved hometown. I am spending my time with my family. I am very HAPPY right now !
Hurm...Oh yeah....
I already watch one of the latest movie. It is one of the romantic comedy and I really like it. The title is "Syurga Cinta". Huh....it is funny but have a message that we can learn from it.
Guess What ?? from the movie, there is a girl name Cikgu Syuhadah and she went to school with her car. What kind of car ??? Hihihi...The White Myvi car... It same with my car.. Haha... It make me laugh when i watch the movie.
Huh....the semester break is juz begin and i only have for about 6 week holiday before start the new semester. Guess What ??? This is my final year and i will start my PSM1 with Dato'. Huhu...he is UTHM's ex-cancellor. Huh....(menakutkan)....BUT i believe in my self !
Okey....I have to go now because I have daily job. Hihi.. I am a driver of my mum, a typist for my parent, a noughty girl that always watch TV ikut suka hati and a good aunty for my niece and nephew...Hihi.....OK Bye
~~ NeVeR TuRnInG BaCk !!!!....Go AhEaD !!!! ~~

10 May 2009

My Weekend at Perak

Actually i juz back from Perak.
For What ??
I am attending my ex-roomate syieda at Parit Buntar.
We start our journey at 8.00 am on last friday. We went to ayer hitam and having a breakfast at there. Then, we start our journey to KL at 8.30am. Hurm....long distance BUT i enjoy drive my JKU to Perak. Our first destination is Slim River which is my friend house. Nice place actually and it remain me about my dad. My dad have told me about Tg.Malim and UPSI because he is continuing his study at there long long time ago. TG.Malim.......small town but it look interesting.
The next day......
We went to Parit Buntar which is Ida's house. Long journey BUT..hehe...I am stronger. It not a big problem for me to drive my JKU. Hihi....After that we went to Syieda's weeding at Dewan Merdeka.
Then.......we went to Penang for what we call "jalan-jalan"..Hihi...at least i've went to penang even only for a few hour BUT penang is such a nice place. Its juz like Singapore.
The following days.....
We going back to Johor......
Just imagine....we start our journey at 11.00am from Taiping and arrive at Parit Raja at 5.00 pm. It just 6 hours...Jus imagine how fast my JKU..Hiihii...
Ok lah...next time i will write somthing special ok
Till now...i have no idea because i still a little bit tired..
OK..bubbyee.. :)