28 June 2009

Revenge of the Fallen - TRANSFORMERS 2

I juz wanna share about this movie. I have watch it on 26 Jun 2006 with my beloved family. It is one of the super dupper movie. The robot is look like real. I like the scene at the pyramid. The cute yellow robot name bumble bee..hihi......so cute wo !
It I have a chance to rate this movie..I will give 5 stars movie. Huhu... Cayalah !!

14 June 2009

~TaWaF at KK 13 Jun 09

I juz wanna share my tawaf day at KK on
13 th Jun 09 with my beloved bestfriends...(Sya,Azza and Babu)
Our destination is the most popular shopping mall at KK
(CP--->Warisan Square--->Pasar Filipine)
It is such a happy day for us.
We are schoolmate at Sabah College.
We always "tawaf" at CP especially during weekend BUT after many years later,
everyone has their own life..So, we never get along for many years.
BUT...on 5th June 2009 is our 1st reunion at Grace Food Court.
I really miss that moment.
Hihihi...our sweet memory if we remember the word "Blue Hyppo"
It will automatically remain us about our "kenakalan" since we are in form 4 and 5.
OK..i will update later the previous memories of us !!!

13 June 2009

~~ DrAg Me To HeLL ! ~~

Actually, here I would like to share some information about the movie that I have watch. The title is "Drag Me TO Hell".
It is one of the movie that really can be classified as a "seram".
Its make me "teriak" in the cenima.
Haha....Im not watching the movie by my self. I watch the movie with my friend.
We dont no what to do actually, and thats why we decide to watch movie.
Haha...For those of my friend does not watch this movie....go to the cenima and watch it.
I am sure that you will give 5 star rating for this movie. Hihihi.. (believe me..)

12 June 2009

~Hey..Hey..Hey..Its a Wonderful Day~~

What Special Today ?? (12 Jun 2009)
Haha...It is my birthday .....
Today I become 23rd years old....
To all my friend TQ for all the SMS,MMS,Email,Comment,FSter,FBook..
TQ 4 all the Birthday Wishes !!!
To my mum
( Thanks mum, I was here because of u)
To my dad
( Thanks 4 the wishes and the present..I really like it ! )
To my beloved sister
( Hehe..I know you have plan something 4 me tomorrow night kan..)
To my bro and little bro
( TQ 4 the wish and I love both of u bro..)
To someone special
( TQ 4 the ******...it so cute :) )
By The way... to all of my friend at Lahad Datu, Maktab Sabah,UTHM and
also to all the
Power Rangers...
Thanks 4 the wish guyz...
I gonna miss you all !!
~~~sincere from my heart : keyn_fiqien~~~

11 June 2009

~ COUNTDOWN TO 12 JUN 2009 ~

Why do i have to wait for that day ???
What exactly happen on that day ??
Is there anything special on that day ??
What day is it ??
Tell Me....Tell Me....Anyone, please tell me !!!
Haha...it is just a joke.......
I wil explain later what special on that day.....
..........to be continue......... :)

06 June 2009


What Happen Today ???
Actually, there is nothing special today BUT we have a small reunion at Grace Garden Food Court. So far it is arrange by my friend Evy's. Hehe...miss my friend very much. Here I would like to share my 1st reunion with my best buddy since I was in form 4-5 at Sabah College aka...Maktab Sabah.
Our reunioun was on 8.00 pm BUT hehe...I came a bit late because I have some work to do. Heheh...One of my friend that we call Babu's come so early at about 7.40 pm..Hehe...she is so excited to meet each other. Since we are finished school in 2003 we never meet each other BUT on 5 June 2009 we gathered back. (Me,Sya,Aza,Babu..and Boie)
Actually, when we was in form 4-5 we are in different class but we study together. The five of us can be categorized as a naughty girl. Hehe...Me and Evy's was a prefect at school....BUT hehe..we act as a "student biasa".Haha...even we are prefect BUT we also break the school rules. Sometimes we bring a handphone to school. Haha...(see how naughty we are)
Memories since we are school is hard to forget. Actually there are so many memories between the five of us. Hehe.. Centre Point ??? haha... that is one of our favourite place. We always "tawaf"at CP and our meeting port is on the 2nd floor infront of the PNK... (Pacific Ngiu Kee). Haha... Funny right.. BUT we enjoy it.
We are quite "samseng" during school time. Just imagine, if there is one unknown number miscalled one of us, we will make sure that everyone of us get the number and miscalled/disturd back the number. (hehe..pendek kata, kalau sorang kena kacau yg len akn tuntut bela) Hihi.. See how naughty we are !!!
Ops..here I would like to mentioned about Boie aka...Halfian. Hehe...he is actually my classmate since i was in Maktab Sabah. He is the 1st boys in my class that really friendly and we become friend. He is also a prefect in Sabah College. Haha.... (we share suka & duka sama2..hihihi ).To pian if u read this, remember cerita antara aku, kau dan dia..
Hurm...and what we have plan tadi, they want tyo watch a Transformer that will be in Cenima this coming 24 June 2009. We plan to watch it together. Hihi...hopefully what we have plan will be going smoothly.
OKey...That All...
Next time I will share my new story...
Here, some messages for my bestfriend :-
Nurshahirah Azman aka Sya : I really miss you and You are the best friend that i ever have.
Nur Aliza Ali Omar aka Babu : Jgn nakal2 k..cayang ko !
Nor Azza Dianty Ibrahim aka Azza : I miss you azza, ko nda b'ubah2 suka wat org ktawa !
Evy Natalia Sazali aka Evy : Cayang sgt kat ko V, Miss You so much ! and TQ coz ko always concern ngn aku !.
OK...aku plak nk kata yg aku sayang korang semua and FRIENDSHIP FOREVER !
~~~~~~~Byk dah dugaan kita tempuh bersama2 ~~~~~~~
+++Thank For Everything +++
&&& Next Reunioun maybe kita dah berusia kan and maybe ada yg da ada family &&&
### Whatever Happen We Always Be Bestfriend Forever ###
(betul lah org kata....bila da hbs sekolah kita akn merindui zaman sekola...)

05 June 2009

~ Cuti oh Cuti ....~

Cuti ni sememangnya Xda benda yg perlu dirisaukan atau difikirkan. BUT cuti ni wayang mmg x pernah MISS. Asal ada yg berkenan di hati pergilah tgk. Tu pun klu ada kwn lah... Hihih
Ni mau share lah sikit sinopsis cerita ttg Jgn Pdg Blkg Cngkak. Ceritanya xda lah seram..BUT ada sikit lah. Yang buat seram tu cumalah bunyi dia jer..Hihi..Mmg gelak sakan lah sapa yg menonton crita tuh. Seram+Lawak+Geli Hati = Menarik untuk di tonton. X rugi lah beli tiket. Heheh
Cuti nih w/pun xde wat ape2 BUT sangat menyeronokkan. Maklumlah....dok rumah mmg lah seronok. Klu kat U tu sronok mmg lah sronok BUT jauh dari fmly tu yg x seronok. Haha....BUT whatever happen kena gak hbskan degree ni dgn penuh kesabaran dan ketenangan. (Insyaallan...)
Hurm...nothing special BUT i like to share one cute picture. Picture nih di edit khas olah keyn_86. Haha..TU my pic with my beloved 'adek' lah... Adek yang sgt di sygi tue.. :) The one and only !