16 August 2009


Salam.... I just wanna share what had happen to me lately. Hurm.....Its hard for me to explain BUT no words can describe how I really feel actually. The holiday in running out and on this 23rd August, I will be going back to Johore. Hurm.....as usual, I feel like I dont wanna go back to Johore. Because of what ???? Huh..because of many reason..No need to explain coz its not important. Tonight I watch TV with my little bro that I call "adeq". Hihi...I give him a chance to conquer TV for tonight because I dont wanna to fight with him. Tomorrow is Monday and for sure My parent will busy for their daily routine which is going to work. I am the driver of my beloved mama. Hehe.... (sementara cuti ni bole lah ringankan beban mak) . I keep on thinking about the test that I will faced after this holiday. Its quite tough because there is one day I got a lapping test.. I hope I can sit for the test as best as I can. Wish me luck guyz. There is a lot of work to do.....for example, the PSM. I have to study the software SEEP/W. I still dont no how to use the software eventhough I got the Installer from the MKA2 technician. (TQ Mr.Razali..) Tomorrow....there is a lot of work to do. I have to settle up my broadband bills and my cell phone bill at Celcom. My mum also ask me to go to TM to pay the telephone and the internet bill. Nevermind mum, I do anything 4u...Coz U are everything to me. Hehe.....I went to Gaya Street with my family.. My dad add on his fish collection by bought another 3 different types of fish. Huhu...It so cute. My father said, that if he and my mum was in the house they do nothing because they stay couple at home so, they bought a fish to fill up their free time. Sorry mum sorry dad...I was far from both of U because of I wanna to fullfil my ambition. Thanks to dad and mum that really be my backbone in whatever I do. Love you mum..love u dad..... Ok..I will fill up this blog later with any news that can be shared. OK..Bubbye.. ( p/s: the top picture is the picture taken inside car when we are going out to Tamu)

13 August 2009


I juz wanna say that im now at Sabah
Hihi....I am so happy to be here....
Miss my mum..my dad...and super dupper my family