27 January 2009

I am Happy Now !!

Hallu...actually i am on holiday at Sabah for 1week. Just coming back from my mum kampung at Keningau foa Chinese New Year. I feel very tired, because on saturday night at 11.45, I depart at KKIA terminal 1. As usual, my mum and my dad SEDIA MENUNGGU kepulangan anak tersayang.Heheh.... Then kami pun balik rumah lah. As I arrive at my home, hurm...very tired then..I am taking my bath then...tido lah..Hehe..Early in the morning at 9:00 am we atart our journey to Keningau for CNY celebration. Actually every year we celebrate CNY with family (sebelah mak). Hehe...Guess what ??? My aunt and my uncle kata sy kurus ..Huhu...(Ye kerrr...???) BUT they told me like that. Angpows ??? Huhu..of caus ada. Tu perkara wajib tu during CNY celebration. Our family big dinner pun so far OK but hehe...I never wear a red shirt during the dinner time. Heheh...because I like green then I wear a green shirt on that day. Happy sgt coz family gathering kali ni mmg sgt meriah then..we have a karaoke session. Huhu....my dad and my mum 'berduet' huhu....As usual lagu wajib mereka dulu2 masa kat maktab..Nak tau ??? Have you ever heard a song Jangan Ada Dusta Antara Kita haha...that the song. Hihi..I like dat song very much ! During this holiday...I spent 100% my time at home with my dad and my mum...(sbb tinggal bertiga jer kat rumah) hihihi...Gonna miss u mum...dad...bila balik U nanti rasa mcm something missing in my life. (Huhu...still homesick lagi..:( ) Hurm.....I dunno what to story lagi. By the way...It time for me to eat. I am hungry already. Even its late already but I want to eat nasi putih and sup telur that my mum cook for me.Hehehe....OK ru...will update later..!!~Daaa~

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