12 April 2009

~~ ThAnKs foR Ur NeVeReNdInG SuPpOrT..~~

Nothing to say BUT i wrote this blog just because i wanna say a big TQ to all my friend Nisa', Acer, akak' ecah, Noor and Ida. I really appreciate all of the things that all of you done for me. Thanks for stay for a night at Pantai Hospital eventhough Highway Test is just around the corner BUT...the 5th of you are with me just like my backbone. TQ so much...!
Huhu..NO more B**** after this BUT still have to go for dressing at PKU and Pantai Hosp also. It is one on the hard day for me. Juz imagine when you got a pain just like a hole in 1 inch diameter and 1 inch depth.... Its happen to me..Huhu....(Sakitnya hanya tuhan saja yang tahu).. Thanks again to my friend that "menjaga" saya sepanjang sy sakit.
Nisa - Thanks coz jaga aku ya. No word can describe how i really appreciate our friendship.
5 years we are being friends and there is so many things that we share together. Thanks coz ko jg aku dgn baik same like my beloved mama yg jaga !.
To All The Rangers....Thanks Babe !!! Sayang Korang sume !!!

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