12 June 2009

~Hey..Hey..Hey..Its a Wonderful Day~~

What Special Today ?? (12 Jun 2009)
Haha...It is my birthday .....
Today I become 23rd years old....
To all my friend TQ for all the SMS,MMS,Email,Comment,FSter,FBook..
TQ 4 all the Birthday Wishes !!!
To my mum
( Thanks mum, I was here because of u)
To my dad
( Thanks 4 the wishes and the present..I really like it ! )
To my beloved sister
( Hehe..I know you have plan something 4 me tomorrow night kan..)
To my bro and little bro
( TQ 4 the wish and I love both of u bro..)
To someone special
( TQ 4 the ******...it so cute :) )
By The way... to all of my friend at Lahad Datu, Maktab Sabah,UTHM and
also to all the
Power Rangers...
Thanks 4 the wish guyz...
I gonna miss you all !!
~~~sincere from my heart : keyn_fiqien~~~