14 June 2009

~TaWaF at KK 13 Jun 09

I juz wanna share my tawaf day at KK on
13 th Jun 09 with my beloved bestfriends...(Sya,Azza and Babu)
Our destination is the most popular shopping mall at KK
(CP--->Warisan Square--->Pasar Filipine)
It is such a happy day for us.
We are schoolmate at Sabah College.
We always "tawaf" at CP especially during weekend BUT after many years later,
everyone has their own life..So, we never get along for many years.
BUT...on 5th June 2009 is our 1st reunion at Grace Food Court.
I really miss that moment.
Hihihi...our sweet memory if we remember the word "Blue Hyppo"
It will automatically remain us about our "kenakalan" since we are in form 4 and 5.
OK..i will update later the previous memories of us !!!