28 October 2010

~ 30 Oktober 2010 ~

Keep on waiting on that date. I am waiting on that day because on that day I will be back to my hometown SAbAh.
Huhu...I really miss my family and also my chenta hati hahah...... He promise to pick me at Airport on 30 Okt.2010. Hopefully the flight not delayed.
I dont no what to say right now because what I feel now is..I am really happy because I have everything. I have to appreciate whatever I have now. BUT there are some people try to disturbme right now. Oh..Please lah....go away from my life..I dont need you anymore !! You broke my heart for the first time and I will never forgive you (benciiii kat dia sgt2). Go away from my life because I have found someone that more better than you...(ayat di tujukan kepada bekas bf yang masih menganggu hidup ini)
To my beloved one....thank you for your neverending support in everything. You are the best for me and I am happy with you. Huhuhu....dont no what to say and how to express my love to you.BUT I hope you and me will be forever after. TQ for everything that you have done for me and thank you for your love.
To my sister, huhuu...you are my superb sister in the world. You always give me support and never give up with my attitided. (even aku ni keras kepala) . TQ for being a good sister of me...
To my dad and my mum...huhu..both of you are my backbone. Without you, I am nothing. I promise to both of you that I will do everything for both of you... I will study and get a master in my field then I will work in my field. TQ mum..TQ dad...I am very lucky to have a parent like both of you... Cayang sgt !!!!