06 June 2009


What Happen Today ???
Actually, there is nothing special today BUT we have a small reunion at Grace Garden Food Court. So far it is arrange by my friend Evy's. Hehe...miss my friend very much. Here I would like to share my 1st reunion with my best buddy since I was in form 4-5 at Sabah College aka...Maktab Sabah.
Our reunioun was on 8.00 pm BUT hehe...I came a bit late because I have some work to do. Heheh...One of my friend that we call Babu's come so early at about 7.40 pm..Hehe...she is so excited to meet each other. Since we are finished school in 2003 we never meet each other BUT on 5 June 2009 we gathered back. (Me,Sya,Aza,Babu..and Boie)
Actually, when we was in form 4-5 we are in different class but we study together. The five of us can be categorized as a naughty girl. Hehe...Me and Evy's was a prefect at school....BUT hehe..we act as a "student biasa".Haha...even we are prefect BUT we also break the school rules. Sometimes we bring a handphone to school. Haha...(see how naughty we are)
Memories since we are school is hard to forget. Actually there are so many memories between the five of us. Hehe.. Centre Point ??? haha... that is one of our favourite place. We always "tawaf"at CP and our meeting port is on the 2nd floor infront of the PNK... (Pacific Ngiu Kee). Haha... Funny right.. BUT we enjoy it.
We are quite "samseng" during school time. Just imagine, if there is one unknown number miscalled one of us, we will make sure that everyone of us get the number and miscalled/disturd back the number. (hehe..pendek kata, kalau sorang kena kacau yg len akn tuntut bela) Hihi.. See how naughty we are !!!
Ops..here I would like to mentioned about Boie aka...Halfian. Hehe...he is actually my classmate since i was in Maktab Sabah. He is the 1st boys in my class that really friendly and we become friend. He is also a prefect in Sabah College. Haha.... (we share suka & duka sama2..hihihi ).To pian if u read this, remember cerita antara aku, kau dan dia..
Hurm...and what we have plan tadi, they want tyo watch a Transformer that will be in Cenima this coming 24 June 2009. We plan to watch it together. Hihi...hopefully what we have plan will be going smoothly.
OKey...That All...
Next time I will share my new story...
Here, some messages for my bestfriend :-
Nurshahirah Azman aka Sya : I really miss you and You are the best friend that i ever have.
Nur Aliza Ali Omar aka Babu : Jgn nakal2 k..cayang ko !
Nor Azza Dianty Ibrahim aka Azza : I miss you azza, ko nda b'ubah2 suka wat org ktawa !
Evy Natalia Sazali aka Evy : Cayang sgt kat ko V, Miss You so much ! and TQ coz ko always concern ngn aku !.
OK...aku plak nk kata yg aku sayang korang semua and FRIENDSHIP FOREVER !
~~~~~~~Byk dah dugaan kita tempuh bersama2 ~~~~~~~
+++Thank For Everything +++
&&& Next Reunioun maybe kita dah berusia kan and maybe ada yg da ada family &&&
### Whatever Happen We Always Be Bestfriend Forever ###
(betul lah org kata....bila da hbs sekolah kita akn merindui zaman sekola...)

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